Colour change Alexandrite Crown Setting Gold and Silver stud earrings.

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Beautiful Princess style stud Handcrafted earrings with Rose cut 1.0ct, 6mm Rare Colour Change Alexandrite gemstones in Sterling Silver and 9ct solid Rose Gold. 

The Earrings have a classic Crown Sterling Silver setting with lots of sparks and glow. 

Alexandrite - Since the discovery of Alexandrite, the gemstone has been thought to bring luck, good fortune and love. 

Why its so rare - Alexandrite is very rare because of its chemical composition. 

While it is a form of chrysoberyl, it has an extra trace element in addition to iron and titanium. It is the presence of chromium that gives it the emerald-green hue in daylight.

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  • Sterling Silver stone crown setting and 9ct solid Rose gold stud fittings (Posts & Scrolls).

    All pieces have Precious metal fineness stamps or Hallmark subject to the weight.


  • The Alexandrites are 1.0ct, 6mm, round, exclusively rose-cut, AAA quality and very stunning gemstones. These eco-friendly gemstones are conflict-free and have perfect clarity without imperfections or inclusions. They change colour from deep Purple to bright Teal Blue colour under the different lighting.
  • To learn about Alexandrite gemstones please read our blog here

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