Colour change Alexandrite and Emeralds Flower Cluster Gold and Silver stud earrings.

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Stunning colour change Alexandrites & Green Emeralds Flower Cluster Stud Earrings.

Nature-inspired Alexandrite 9ct solid Yellow Gold or 925 Sterling Silver Earrings.

Please note: The 1st and 6th pictures are of the 9ct solid Yellow Gold versions and all the other pictures are of the 925 Sterling Silver versions.

Magical & beautiful 5mm Alexandrite gemstones which are changing colour from Purple to Teal blue colour under the different light surrounded by 6 gorgeous 2.5mm Emeralds.

It's a fantastic gift for her and for any occasion, including engagement, wedding and birthdays.

Alexandrite - Since the discovery of Alexandrite, the gemstone has been thought to bring luck, good fortune and love. 
Why its so rare - Alexandrite is very rare because of its chemical composition. 
While it is a form of chrysoberyl, it has an extra trace element in addition to iron and titanium. It is the presence of chromium that gives it the emerald-green hue in daylight.

Emeralds are known as a symbol of truth, love, peace and balance. 
The name emerald comes from the Sanskrit word “marakata," which means spring green. 
The ancient Egyptians believed the green colour of emerald represented fertility and rebirth.

● Size:

The main Alexandrite Main Stone settings are 5mm and the Emerald side stone settings are 2.5mm.

The diameter of each of the stud earrings is approx 11mm.

● Made to Order processing Time and Delivery Info please see on our Terms and Delivery & Shipping pages.

  • 9ct Solid Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver Flower Cluster earrings, posts and backings.

    All pieces have Precious metal fineness stamps or Hallmark subject to the weight.


  • 1.
    The 2 x Alexandrite main stones are 5mm round faceted and approx 0.6ct in weight. They are AAA quality and very stunning brilliant-cut gemstone. These eco-friendly gemstones are conflict-free and have perfect clarity without imperfections or inclusions. They change colour from deep Purple to bright Teal Blue colour under the different lighting.
    To learn about Alexandrite gemstones please read our blog here

    There are a total of 12 stunning Green Emerald side stones which are 2.5mm round faceted gemstones and are also Lab-grown.

    These eco-friendly gemstones are conflict-free and have perfect clarity without imperfections or inclusions, unlike most Natural earth-mined Emeralds.
    These gemstones have the same physical and chemical properties as natural Emeralds.

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