Vintage Cut Moissanite Diamond Solitaire Engagement ring in 9ct White Gold or Silver

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Classic style Handcrafted Solitaire engagement ring in 9ct solid White Gold or 925 Silver with magnificent Vintage Cut Moissanite Diamond. 

This simple but gorgeous solitaire ring with a 5mm, multifaceted vintage cut, Moissanite Diamond would make a gorgeous Engagement ring or a perfect gift for any special occasion.

Vintage Cut Diamond - Invented in The early 1900s like many of the other cuts, a fancy brilliant cut where the extra layer in the crown gives the gem extra scintillation - a sparkle of light. While the standard round brilliant cut has 57 facets, this vintage cut can have up to as many as 145 -161 facets.

Elegant design with a cute cup bezel and tapered ring band.

● The price is one Solitaire ring only, - all decorative accessories which you could see in the photos are not included in the price.

● Size:

The ring band is approx 2mm in width and tapered narrower at the front, with textured handmade effect, suitable for everyday wear.

The ring can be ordered in any size, just add a note about your size into personalisation box while ordering.

● Ring size conversion is available widely on the internet and here is one of the options:

Ordering the right size is your own responsibility.

This ring is Made to Order.

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Materials & Gemstones

9ct solid White Gold or 925 Sterling Silver.

All pieces have Precious metal fineness Hallmark subject to the weight.


5mm approx 0.6ct, the superbly sparkling, multifaceted antique style cut Moissanite Diamond, AAA quality and a very stunning gemstone. These eco-friendly gemstones are conflict-free and have perfect clarity without imperfections or inclusions.

● All our Gemstones are Genuine and All Diamonds are tested for authenticity by Professional equipment.

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