Perle de Nuit

Colour Change Alexandrites and Black Peacock Keshi Pearl Stud Drop Earrings in solid Yellow Gold and 925 Silver.


Shimmering pair of Handcrafted 9ct/ 18ct solid Yellow Gold & 925 silver stud earrings with two gorgeous beauties together - magical Alexandrites and Black Peacock Keshi Pearls! 

These pearls are rare and come in natural organic forms but what is also amazing is that like Alexandrite they have the iridescent ability to show different colours in different lighting! 
Their lustre is very rich in pearlescence which is showing luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles. 

The Alexandrite gemstones are amazing and change colour from deep Purple to bright Sea-Blue colour under the different lighting.

If you would like to feel and look special - these earrings are definitely for you!

NO gold or silver plating is used, only solid precious materials. 

● Size:

Earrings size: approx 35mm drop length.

All items are handmade and there may be some small differences between your piece, and the photo. This makes your piece completely unique :)

● Made to Order processing Time and Delivery Info please see on our Terms and Delivery & Shipping pages.

  • 9ct or 18ct solid Yellow Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. 

    9ct or 18ct solid Yellow Gold ear posts and scrolls.

    All pieces have Precious metal fineness stamps or Hallmark subject to weight.

  • Freeform Black Keshi pearls:

    2 x glowing natural Keshi pearls with a beautiful lustre. Keshi pearls are quite rare and they take around 7 years to form. Keshi itself is 100 % nacre unlike other cultured pearls, which contain a beaded nucleus.

    The sizes of these pearls are approx 15mm x 10mm.

    • Colour Change Alexandrites:

    2 x sparky Alexandrites are approx 1.0ct, 6mm, AAA quality, stunning exclusively cut gemstone, Lab-grown by original Russian Czochralski method.
    The stone has the same physical and chemical properties as a natural Alexandrite.
    It's changing colour from deep Purple to bright Sea-Blue colour under different light.
    (The natural Russian Alexandrite is very rare and costs thousands.)