Rare Colour change Alexandrite and Diamonds Romantic Engagement Gold / Silver ring.


Absolutely stunning colour change 1.0ct Alexandrite and Diamonds solid Gold & Silver ring.

Romantic "Shakespeare" style ring with 6mm Alexandrite stone, which is changing colour from deep Purple to bright Sea-Blue colour under the different light.

The ring band is approx 1.7 - 1.8mm width with a textured handmade effect, suitable for everyday wear. 

● Size:

The ring can be ordered to any size, just add a note about your size into the personalisation box while ordering.

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  • Ring Band Materials: 9ct, 14k or 18ct solid Gold.

    Stone Settings: 925 Sterling Silver or 9ct solid White Gold. 
    Please choose your material options from the drop-down menu.

    Please NOTE: The photos display the UK size L ( US size 6 ).

    All pieces have Precious metal fineness stamps or Hallmark subject to weight.

  • Main Gemstone:

The Alexandrite is 1.0ct, 6mm, AAA quality, stunning exclusively cut gemstone, Lab-grown by original Russian Czochralski method.
The stone has the same physical and chemical properties as a natural Alexandrite.
It's changing colour from deep Purple to bright Sea-Blue colour under the different light.

(The natural Russian Alexandrite is very rare and costs thousands.)

    Side Stones:

2mm - 0,03ct, superb sparkling, brilliant-cut, AAA quality, Moissanite Diamonds gemstones.


    Two genuine 2mm 0,03ct, beautiful sparkling, conflict-free, high-quality VS F+, Brilliant cut "eye clean"