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Rare Colour change Pear Alexandrite with White and Teal Diamonds Gold and Silver ring set.


Romantic and Elegant Engagement Wishbone ring set - Colour change 1ct Pear Alexandrite with sparkling White Diamonds side stones and an accompanying White Diamond Wishbone and Teal Blue Diamonds Contour ring.

The Alexandrite ring band is 925 Sterling Silver with 9ct solid Yellow Gold Side settings and bezel. The Wishbone ring is 9ct Solid Yellow Gold and the Contour ring is 925 Sterling Silver.

This is a very flexible set as the Wishbone and Contour ring could also be matched to any other existing rings you may have.

The main ring has a rare colour change Pear shape 8mm x 6mm Alexandrite stone, which changes colour from deep Purple to bright Sea-Blue colour under a different light.

All 3 ring bands are approx 1.8 - 2mm width with textured handmade effect, suitable for everyday wear.

There is also a 9ct solid White Gold / 18ct Yellow solid Gold 3 ring set version available in our store.


The ring can be ordered to any size, just add a note about your size into the personalisation box while ordering.

Ring size conversion is available widely on the internet and here is one of the options:

Ordering the right size is your own responsibility.

● Please NOTE: The price is for the Ring set only - any background or decorative accessories which you could see in photos are not included in the price.

The Video is showing the whole 3 rings set.

● Made to Order processing Time and Delivery Info please see on our Terms and Delivery & Shipping pages.

  • Alexandrite Stone setting: 9ct solid Yellow gold.

    White Diamonds stones settings: 9ct solid Yellow gold.

    Main Ring band material: 925 Sterling Silver.

    Wishbone Ring band material: 9ct solid Yellow Gold.

    Contour Ring band material: 925 Sterling Silver.

    Contour Ring Stardust settings: 9ct solid Yellow Gold. 

    All pieces have Precious metal fineness stamps or Hallmark subject to

  • Main Gemstone: Superb quality Alexandrite is 1ct, 8mm x 6mm, Rose-cut, AAA quality, stunning exclusively cut gemstone.

    Lab-grown by original Russian Czochralski pulled method. 

The stone has the same physical and chemical properties as a natural Alexandrite.  
It's changing colour from deep Purple to bright Sea-Blue colour under a different light.

(The natural Russian Alexandrite is very rare and costs thousands.)

    Side Gemstones: Two very sparkly, 2mm, approx 0.03CT, beautiful sparkling, conflict-free, high-quality VS F+, Brilliant cut "eye clean"

    Wishbone Ring Stones: One 1.25mm, beautiful sparkling, conflict-free, White Diamond, VS F+ top quality. 

    Contour Ring stones: 3 rare natural Teal-Blue Diamonds - 1 (central) x 1.5mm, 2 (either side) x 1.25mm, approx 0.015ct each, beautiful, sparkling, conflict-free, high quality, brilliant cut, Teal Blue colour Diamonds, VS-SI.