Starlight Aura

White Sapphire & Diamonds Vintage Crown style Engagement Bridal Gold ring set.


Vintage style 9ct solid Yellow Gold Handcrafted ring set with Rose cut 6mm, approx 1.5ct eye clear superb White Sapphire gemstone with 2 Moissanite Diamonds either side.

Very sparky spectacular Gold Crown Diamond style ring comes with the Curved contour ring, set with 5 x 1.3mm sparkly Moissanite Diamond stones and Stardust texture finish.

It's a gorgeous Bridal set and gift for her. 


The ring band is 2mm width with textured handmade effect, suitable for everyday wear.

Ring size conversion is available widely on the internet and here is one of the options:

Ordering the right size is your own responsibility.

● Please NOTE: The price is for one Ring set only - all decorative accessories which you could see in photos are not included in the price.

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  • 9ct solid Yellow Gold.

    The ring bands are approx 1.7mm width with a textured handmade effect, suitable for everyday wear.

    All pieces have Precious metal fineness stamps or Hallmark subject to the weight.

  • • MAIN RING:

    The MAIN stone is 6mm, approx 1.5ct, AAA clarity and flawless quality rare Rose Cut White Sapphire gemstone.

    The side stones are 2 x 2mm AAA clarity, faceted Moissanite gemstones.


    1.3mm size, top quality, clear-cut, Moissanites, set of 5.

    It's an absolutely beautiful gemstone with incredible sparkle.

    Moissanites are the gorgeous alternative to Diamonds! They are 9 hardness on Mohs' Scale, right next to Diamonds which are 10.