Sustainable Authentic & Eco Friendly Jewellery

Handmade jewellery is always something special, each piece is unique and it is made especially for you!
We are small Family business and here to help you look and feel fabulous!
 Handmade items are a great gift for anyone you love or you may just wish to treat yourself!
There are many different styles in our shop.
We understand It's not always easy to decide. If you cannot find anything that takes your fancy we can make a piece according to your wishes, so it will become even more personal and made especially for you!
Every Jewellery piece is created with quality time spent on every detail and the look and style is an intentional part of the design.
Quite often the natural lines of the Gemstones are creating its own Art and each result can be unpredictable and unique.
Our jewellery pieces are made from 100% recycled materials and ethically sourced gemstones.
We take great satisfaction in using non-toxic products during the production process of our Jewellery and Boxes.
Recyclable materials and packaging are used wherever possible.
All precious metals used are 100% recycled.
All our Gemstones are Ethically sourced and Conflict Free.
We use NATURAL and LAB-CREATED Gemstones as these stones are Eco-Friendly and yet they are definitely still REAL Gemstones.
 We absolutely love and use lots of NATURAL gemstones, they are gorgeous and beautiful, but some of our  gemstones are Lab-created.
Its because some Natural stones are very rare and almost disappeared from our planet and Lab-Created gemstones have less effect on the ecology and definitely are conflict FREE!
"Mining natural gemstones is an energy-intensive and ecologically invasive procedure, affecting fragile ecosystems across the world.
Lab-grown gemstones are a victory for the environment, human rights and gemstones supply chain transparency.
These gemstones should never be confused with artificial ones. The Lab-created gemstones we use are physically, chemically and optically identical to the natural mined geological gemstones.


"Mixing Sunshine of Gold and Moonlight of Silver, using the difference in Textures and Magic of Gemstones - these are all my Secrets and Love I am sharing with you!" Julia.

Julia Shagal is a Jewellery designer, artist and creative thinker, with a great passion for making silver & gold jewellery with beautiful gems, living in the romantic central area of London.  

She has studied 5 years in Art & Design Academy in her early 20s, worked in the creative field for years and absolutely loves her profession!
Her jewellery designs have Organic style and Free-form lines and also are influenced by French impressionists, Art Nouveau & Art Deco styles, which she very much adores and loves.
She truly believes the positive energy and passion she uses whilst making her jewellery pieces will be passed to customers and help make the world a nicer place.

She loves organic food, nature, music, world cinema, fashion, exotic Italian sports cars & fluffy animals.
Many thanks for reading this and visiting this little store, we hope it's brightened up your day!  


We are firm believers in helping small businesses and try our best to source as much of our materials for Jewellery making and services from within the U.K and US. 
Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us,

Best Wishes,
Julia and Allan