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The Fashionable Trend of Rough DIAMONDS

The Fashionable Trend of Rough DIAMONDS

Generally speaking, a Rough or a Raw Diamond is a natural earth mined Diamond that has not been cut or processed to get the Diamonds we are usually familiar with.

They can come in a variety of shapes and colours. This type of “earthy” diamonds are becoming ever more trendy and fashionable within the Jewellery trade.

Rough Diamonds are also offered to the Jewellery trade in various stages of cutting and processing but they still retain their “raw” appearance.

A rose-cut rough Diamond is a beautiful gemstone.

One of my favourite designs is either round or pear-shaped gemstones with a rose-cut faceted top and a flat base.

You have a set shape, usually round or pear-shape and the rose-cut design of the top of the gemstone gives a lovely subtle effect similar to a faceted gemstone as the light bounces off in all directions.

Although this type of Diamond is not as sparkly or as the clear as the faceted Diamonds we are used to seeing they still look very much like a Diamond but with a bit of extra character.

When you look into a Rough Diamond from above you can see what appears to be a small world trapped inside it.

They often have natural inclusions and imperfections but in my eyes, this is what makes them special. As you probably gather I am a great lover of these type of diamonds.

I love the natural look of a Rough Diamond that has been shaped and cut just enough to make it very usable in a Jewellery piece but also very desirable to wear.

If you are looking for something special for your loved one then Diamonds are a fantastic way to show your love for them …… but if you would like something extra special with soul how about saying it with a unique Rough Diamond.

We always have various Rough Diamond Jewellery pieces available in our Jewellery boutique.