Alexander The Great solid Gold Coin pendant necklace in 9ct / 14ct / 18ct Gold

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The gorgeous Alexander the Great Ancient solid Gold coin in 9ct, 14ct or 18ct Gold.

The coin has great quality double-sided cast details and is a replica of the original Ancient Greece coin dated around 305 BC and is a symbol of success against all odds. “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

This is a quote from Alexander of Macedonia (the Great), himself an inspiration for those who dream to achieve something big in their life and succeed! 

Front side: Head of Greek Alexander the Great, diademed and wearing a ram's horn of the Egyptian God Amun.

Reverse side: Goddess Athena Nikephoros seated with Nike in outstretched right-hand crowning inscription with wreath. (Nike is a Greek Goddess of Victory)

● Please Note: The photos show the Yellow Gold version of this necklace.

● Size:

Pendant size: 1.7cm diameter.

1mm - 1.2mm width, Diamond Cut, Curb or Trace style (subject to availability),  16"/40cm, 18"/45cm or 20"/50cm  Hallmarked.

Please note: it's not always possible to supply the same style chain as in photos due to limited stock. We do our best to provide as close as possible style as advertised.

If you need a longer length chain - please get in touch, as there are a few different style chain options from our supplier.

The coin is approx 1 - 1.2mm in thickness.

This is Made to Order product.

For more info please visit our Terms page.

Materials & Gemstones

9ct Yellow or 18ct solid Yellow Gold.

9ct Gold - approx 2.6g - 2.7g weight.

14ct Gold - approx 3.6g - 3.8g weight.

18ct Gold - approx 4g - 4.2g weight.

The chain, approx 1mm - 1.2mm width, Diamond Cut Curb or Trace style, 16"/40cm or 18"/45cm, Hallmarked.

Please select the material and chain length options from the menu.

All pieces have Precious metal fineness Hallmark subject to weight.

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