Each Gemstone is unique and we source it only from from legitimate suppliers around the world.

We want to make sure your experience with us is a positive & transparent one. That’s why we offer our 100% guarantee.


In our Jewellery pieces at Bijoux de Chagall we use Lab-grown and Natural Gemstones.

All Gemstones are ethically sourced from reputable and official suppliers and carefully checked for quality and authenticity.

All Jewellery products have a detailed description of each gemstone which is listed and used in the product.

Some rare gemstones no longer exist or a very small quantity are available from natural sources and this is why we use Lab-Grown gemstones instead to preserve the natural environment and still offer you 100% identical gemstones alternatives. All Lab-grown Gemstones are real, genuine and identical to the natural counterparts gemstones.


All our Diamonds are Conflict-Free and Tested by high quality professional Presidium© equipment, as used in Gemmological institutes, laboratories, jewellery trade and retail businesses worldwide.

Our Natural and Lab-Grown diamonds are sourced from legitimate suppliers not involved in the funding of conflict and in conformance with United Nations resolutions.

Each Jewellery Order is supplied with Bijoux de Chagall guarantee Card and characteristics & details of each Diamond used in the Jewellery piece.