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5 Steps to make a perfect and meaningful GIFT

5 Steps to make a perfect and meaningful GIFT

Why do we often try to find or make a perfect gift for someone we love? It’s very simple really, it's because when we love them  and we want to make them happy!

1. Individuality:

The perfect GIFT comes from the heart! This is something to always remember as we can never perfectly read the mind of a person we are looking to find this Gift for.

- We need to think of their personality and things they love doing:

physical activities like sports, hobbies, craft making, sewing etc, intellectual and entertaining activities - reading, computer games, museums, theatres, movies etc., and certain taste preferences they choose - colours, flavours, sounds.

When you look through these aspects you will see a much better way to choose something very meaningful and warmhearted for your loved one!

2. Choose Value and Quality:

Choose a valuable meaningful Gift, like a handcrafted product similar to our jewellery pieces. Handmade jewellery has always been popular, but recently, many people are choosing original handcrafted items rather than mass produced ones. Handcrafted jewellery is created individually for each person, even if the artist makes more than one of each piece, the handmade nature means that each one is one of a kind as there are always some differences, variations and finishes. An artisan or maker often uses genuine and quality materials to produce unique products which will last longer and have everlasting value.

Here you could find the beautiful digital Art pieces painted by a talented artist Sofia Alex, where you can order a unique gift in the form of Art, painted especially for you

Sofia Alex Art

3. Give an experience:

Another very important thing is to think of the gift as an experience. Don't just think that the gift itself will make the person happy, but what feelings and emotions your gift will create. Try to think of an special event, time and date when you could give your present, create or choose an exciting environment for this event, think of what this person loves doing and what they may dream to see or to experience.

4. Make it personal:

Add a personal touch to your gift! Everyone loves receiving a gift with the feeling that it was sourced and made especially for them. So think about how you can do this - include a little bit of yourself - create a piece of your own art, write a poem, or find a card or packaging which is handmade by an artist with a personalisation.

Here is the link to an Artist who is offering beautiful card collection of city inspired prints and custom art pieces - Ink & White

You can also find a fantastic bespoke, personalised and hand drawn illustrations like a family portraits:

Art House Illustration

And add just a personalised gift Embroidery to your final touches like a gorgeous Monogrammed Velvet Bow from this amazing company:

5. Packaging:

If you think that the gift wrap does not matter - you will be surprised that it actually does! This is why many brands really care how their products are wrapped and packed with a special budget spent on quality paper, ribbons, envelopes etc. So think back to how many of us loved to open our gifts when we were kids - a feeling full of wonder...

So add some sparks, tie a bow, use tasteful colour paper or fabric and add a little card, writing something like - "Just for you only from all my heart!"