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I LOVE my ring!

The Inner Light of magical and fascinating Rubies

The Inner Light of magical and fascinating Rubies

Rubies are obviously a very fascinating gemstones as they have an amazing colour, very long history and some rare stones have very high value.

They are the perfect gift for someone you love and I've recently added this gorgeous gemstone Ruby Earrings to our handcrafted jewellery collection.

But there is also something interesting about Ruby:

It is a stone of success and it’s believed has protective powers!

It’s been also regarded as “the King of precious stones”. No wonder all Royals are wearing it in their jewellery pieces including Crowns for centuries.

But what I’ve found even more fascinating is that Ruby gemstone has inner light within!

Some old stories are told of Rubies that emit their own light .... 

All rubies due to their gemological composition fluoresce under UV light and I’ve decided to check it - I’ve placed them under my UV lamp and WOW, in front of my own eyes - they had a fire glow within!!! 

Now I know that our magical collection of gemstones has the a gemstone to admire!

See it for yourself.