Crown Moissanite Diamond Engagement Bridal Wishbone ring set in 9ct / 18ct Gold

Midnight Dream

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"Shakespeare" style, Romantic, rare colour, 1ct Rose-cut, Peacock Moissanite with White Diamonds side stones and an accompanying Diamonds Wishbone ring.

This is a very flexible set as the Wishbone, Contour ring could also be matched to any other existing rings you may have.

The main ring has a rare Peacock colour, 6mm Moissanite Diamond stone, which reflects colour from deep Green to bright Blue colour under different light. 


Both ring bands are approx 2mm width with a textured handmade effect, suitable for everyday wear.
The ring can be ordered to any size, just add a note about your size into personalisation box while ordering.

Ring size conversion is available widely on the internet and here is one of the options:

Ordering the right size is your own responsibility.

This is Made to Order ring set.

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Materials & Gemstones


9ct solid White, Yellow or Rose Gold or 18ct solid Yellow or Rose gold.

Please select your choice from the Menu. For Gold's colours - please refer to our Precious Metals colour guide picture.

All pieces have Precious metal fineness Hallmark subject to weight.


Main Gemstone:

The sparky, rare Moissanite Diamond is 1ct, 6mm, Rose-cut, VS1/2 clarity, with some natural inclusions, and stunning exclusively cut gemstone.

It has a rare Peacock Teal Blue colour with a spectrum of Teal-Blue, Black, Green, and Yellow colours under different light angles.

Lab-grown by using a complicated lengthy and expensive thermal growing process. The stone has the same physical and chemical properties as a natural Moissanite which is the rarest gemstone in the world.

Side Gemstones: Two very sparkly 2mm, approx 0.03ct, clear, VS-F+, beautiful conflict-free Diamonds

OR Two x 2mm, approx 0.03ct, clear, beautiful, superb sparkling Moissanite Diamonds.

Wishbone Ring Stones:

Five beautiful, sparkly, conflict-free, 1.25mm, clear, VS-F+, beautiful conflict-free Diamonds.

OR Five x 1.3mm, clear, beautiful, superb sparkling Moissanite Diamonds.

● All our Gemstones are Genuine and All Diamonds are tested for authenticity by Professional equipment.

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Customer Reviews

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Ethereal Alexandrite Diamond Pave style Unique Engagement ring in solid 9ct / 18ct Gold

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This has been the silver lining to a most nerve-wracking thing. The most beautiful ring for the perfect bride to be. Highly recommended seller without a doubt.

Chris M.

Art Deco Diamond Wishbone Contour Curved Wedding ring in 9ct / 18ct Gold

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Absolutely exquisite ring which I will be using as my Wedding band. Totally away how beautiful it is. Julia was lovely and so incredibly helpful! Can’t highly recommend enough x

Sarah W.

Ethereal Pear Alexandrite Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring set in 9ct Gold

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The design is so unique and shows off the center stone, an Alexandrite with stunning color. This piece is truly magical and exceeded both our expectations.

Ryan H.

Magnificent Alexandrite Diamond Engagement ring in 9ct / 18ct gold

$1,014.00 USD

I absolutely love this ring - it is so much prettier in real life and everything I hoped it would be! The ring is beautifully made. The alexandrite changes colours beautifully and the diamonds are clear and sparkly. It makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Marilyn M.

Natural Hexagon Moss Agate Diamond Unique Engagement ring in 9ct / 18ct Gold

$912.00 USD

Amazing work and amazing communication from Julia. Everything went perfectly and the ring was more beautiful than imagined. Will definitely do more business in the future!

Jeff H.

Natural Ruby Heart & Keshi Pearls Dangle Earrings in 9ct / 18ct Gold

$950.00 USD

Absolutely beautiful work of art. Its delicate and intricate gold work surrounds the deepest ruby. It is an affirmation of love made manifest. Thank you so much Julia!

Kane A.